Patient Testimonials

Stress & Anxiety – Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Your treatments have definitely helped me tremendously, and being home (in the U.S.), it is definitely obvious that things that used to be a big deal and cause me stress, anxiety, stomach, and shoulder pain are either no longer affecting me or are not affecting me to the same degree as when I left.

My other family members have noticed a difference and we would like to find someone who does something similar to what you do in Israel in my home state. If you know of anyone, please let me know. I can also think of a lot of people who can benefit from your holistic approach: NET, chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, nutrition, etc., so if you also know of anyone in the DC area and the Atlanta area that would also be good. – David

Back Pain & Leg Pain – Chiropractic

Dr. Shmuel Lux is a miracle worker!

I came to Dr. Lux with debilitating pain, which had severely restricted my ability to walk. After the very first session, I was able to take my preferred 20–25 minute walk home. Dr. Lux had told me that I would see improvement after four to five sessions, but after the third session, I had already forgotten where my pain and problems had been.

An extensive knowledge and integration of a variety of disciplines, an individualized approach, a spiritual disposition, and a desire to provide the maximum amount of help to his patients – all of these are the qualities that distinguish Shmuel Lux – Doctor with a capital ‘D.’
-Inna Berman, M.D. & Molecular Biologist

Back Pain & Neck Pain – Chiropractic & N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique)

I have known Dr. Lux now for one year. He was highly recommended to me by my friend who was going to Dr. Lux for chiropractic sessions. I had a long-time problem with my back, mainly the lower back. Lately, I was having pain in my upper back too and especially on the right side of my neck. It would paralyze all my movements to the point that my lower jaw displaced forward by itself because it was the only position that the pain would be less. So, I decided to go for chiropractic treatment. Dr. Lux carried out several sessions, after which he decided to try N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) on me. I must say that I was amazed. From the very first try he succeeded to “hit the target”. I had a strong emotional release, and after that my neck pain was gone! My jaw started to return to its normal position, and several more sessions almost made it complete. I am still in contact with Dr. Lux, and I believe that from time to time sessions with him would do me a great maintenance. I highly recommend N.E.T. therapy! – Alina Bidjelova

Back Pain – Chiropractic

I have been using chiropractic services with positive results for over 20 years. It is a safe and individualized modality that Dr. Shmuel Lux employs successfully. I have been his patient for the last 2 years and go for treatment when I have an acute flair-up of a lower spine problem or periodically for a “tune-up” to stay pain-free. As a retired Nurse Practitioner, I appreciate the theory behind the practice and believe in its validity. – H.M.

Digestive Problems (GERD) & Back Pain – Applied Kinesiology (A.K.) & Acupuncture

It is no surprise that Dr. Lux was able to relieve my back pain. One day I mentioned to him that I have GERD. For years I have treated it with medication, diet, and using a bed wedge to elevate my upper body at night. Dr. Lux performed a painless maneuver on my diaphragm and taught me the acupuncture points that I can massage if more relief is needed. Big improvement! Why don’t gastroenterologists know this? – Jo Anne A.

Neck Pain – Applied Kinesiology (A.K.), Acupuncture & Nutrition

I have been a patient of Dr. Shmuel Lux for nearly six months. I have a recurring neck problem causing muscle tension in my right shoulder, pain, headaches and sleeping problems. The treatments of Dr. Lux put the vertebrates in the right position, relaxed the muscles, relieved pain and improved my sleeping patterns. I appreciate especially the holistic approach of Dr. Lux: a thorough examination, applied kinesiology, manipulation, acupuncture and personalized nutrition plan. I sought treatment from two different chiropractors in the past but the holistic approach of Dr. Lux has been more successful and highly recommended. – Dr. Dariusz Kobus

Shoulder Pain – Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

I have been a patient of Dr. Lux for the past two years mostly for back pain, but for other aches and pains. When he suggested NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) to help alleviate shoulder pain I thought, “why not?” I am open to trying new things.

I came to see Dr. Lux after a stressful day. One of my clients was applying the pressure and I was about to explode. Dr. Lux asked if he could try NET, and I have to admit, was surprised by the results. He started by asking me questions and testing the muscle strength in my arm. Bit by bit I began to relax and the weight of this person was gradually lifted from my shoulder and arm. The next day I felt much better – more relaxed. Surprisingly enough, this woman also calmed down. A few months later she sent me a check to thank me for filling in for a co-worker who was ill. Now, I can’t guarantee your “problem” will send you a check, but I can say how this treatment has helped me. Every time, I feel more relaxed and that the weight of the world has been lifted. If you are not afraid to try new things that are drug free to alleviate your pain, then I would suggest giving Dr. Lux a call. – Gail S.

Shoulder Pain – Chiropractic & Trigger-point

I have been seeing Dr. Shmuel Lux for a problem that I have been having for years centered mainly around my shoulder blade area. Every time I go for treatment he has been able to relieve the pain tremendously. I have seen a number of doctors in the past as well as natural healers but Dr. Lux’s technique is different and way more effective than any past treatments I’ve had. Between the ultrasound, chiropractic manipulation, and other therapies he has performed on me, the problem has vastly improved. I give Dr. Lux my highest recommendation. – Greg Marcuse

Eye & Balance Problems – Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

I have been seeing Dr Lux on a regular basis over the past two years. Initially, it was for balance issues to which Dr Lux, over the course of time, helped ease these problems through the use of various incredibly helpful cranial techniques.

Also personally, the NET – Neuro Emotional Technique that Dr Lux excels in has been of great help in dealing with the root of my problem. Dr. Lux listens very thoroughly and comes up with appropriate techniques that he uses to great effect.

I would highly recommend Dr Lux. His vast experience and excellent manner at putting me at ease, together with the individual way he uses all his knowledge to come up with the best plan of treatment, has made a massive difference to my day-to-day life since I have been seeing him. – David K.

Back Pain – Chiropractic

Dear Dr Lux,
I did not get to thank you very well when we spoke because I was on the beach and it was difficult to hear. You really did make a difference to my holiday, all the pain disappeared after I had seen you and I felt so much more comfortable, I can’t thank you enough. I have been lying on my back and have taken your advice on the magnesium.

I have recommended you to Simon’s uncle who lives in Jerusalem, I hope he comes to see you. If you ever emigrate to London, please let me know!!! – Sarah P.