Menstrual Problems

Millions of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) when hormonal imbalances may cause cramping, bloating, headaches, backaches, irritability, and fatigue. Many women rely heavily on medication to resolve the symptoms. However, the medication masks the symptoms rather than actually curing the cause of the PMS problem. These menstrual issues can be minimized or even eliminated through safe, natural, chiropractic care.

The female sexual organs all need a healthy nerve supply from the spine to function properly. A thorough chiropractic examination can determine if the PMS is a result of misalignments in your spine. Dr. Lux corrects the vertebral condition in your spine that interferes with the nervous system to restore optimal function to the hormonal system.

A woman’s menstrual cycle is strongly influenced by diet, exercise, and emotions. Dr. Lux utilizes spinal adjustments, Applied Kinesiology, NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), acupuncture, diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise recommendations to help relieve menstrual problems.

To find out how Dr. Lux, with over 35 years of holistic chiropractic experience, can help your menstrual problems call 052-401-3838 to schedule an examination and treatment plan today.