Disc Pain

Discs act as shock-absorbing cushions separating and supporting each vertebrae. Misaligned vertebrae can put stress on the discs, cause them to protrude, and irritate the spinal nerves.

The most common symptoms of disc problems in the low back are pain or numbness that can spread across the hips extending down the leg, foot or toes. Common symptoms of disc problems in the neck are pain or numbness that may spread through the shoulders, down the arms and into the fingers.

Poor posture, injuries, and improper lifting can further damage spinal discs. If the disc is already worn down, it may herniate unexpectedly by coughing, sneezing or even lifting a light object.

Disc degeneration can often be avoided with regular chiropractic care by using specific gentle manipulation and other therapies to realign and restore proper spinal balance. Often, chiropractic care can prevent resorting to unnecessary spinal surgery.

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